Over the years I have developed certain areas of expertise and I provide a safe and confidential space for adults and older adolescents to explore issues including:-

Depression and anxiety

The symptoms of depression vary from person to person. Some people find they are unable to sleep whilst others find they want to sleep all the time. Likewise some people have no appetite whist others eat compulsively. Commonly experienced feelings are those hopelessness, low self esteem a sense of disappointment or being let down by others and pointlessness.

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Relationships with oneself and with others
Depression and anxiety
Eating Disorders
Work Issues
Bereavement and Loss
The mood can be one of sadness, irritability or‘deadness’ inside. Life is being seen through a negative lens which colours and distorts everything around them. A large number of people also experience clinical anxiety concurrent with clinica depression. Anxiety is characterised by excessive worry about a specific issue or, more generally, a problematically heightened level of stress. The condition makes it difficult to relax or get good nights sleep. Among the common physical symptoms is trembling, muscle tension, headaches, hot flushes or being startled easily. Increased irritability is a common symptom as well. Over the years I have helped many people suffering from different kinds of depression and anxiety disorders.
Change on such a deep level could be difficult to make alone and unsupported