Over the years I have developed certain areas of expertise and I provide a safe and confidential space for adults and older adolescents to explore issues including:-

Relationships with oneself and others

Adults and older adolescants who feel personally unfulfilled to some degree – either in terms of self-esteem or the quality of their intimate relationships may find themselves unable to make meaningful changes on their own.

My Work
Relationships with oneself and with others
Depression and anxiety
Eating Disorders
Work Issues
Bereavement and Loss
The desired outcomes – a better sense of oneself, deeper, more satisfying relationships - emerge gradually as an interaction between the experience of each session and experience in real life. At times of crisis or near crisis, or in moments of feeling stuck, it can be helpful to have objective imput from a neutral party, someone who is outside your life. I can listen to your story and respond with candor and insight, giving you stimulating feedback and a fresh perspective.
I believe that such concerns often arise from unresolved issues from the past and can benefit from therapeutic input of a relatively intense and consistent nature